Animated Hero Background with HTML5 and SASS


When the org website for ae app labs was redesigned and upgraded to use SvelteKit, I added an animated background for the hero section. I had that idea for a long time and wanted to change the boring and simple background from the last redesign.

It is basically a vertically stacked set of waves using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that are animated using CSS3.

How I almost got hacked


Last Saturday I got a message on my instagram account from an old aquaintance of mine whom I had met at a photography event back in 2017. Little did I suspect who was on the other side.

Current Page URL in SvelteKit and SEO Tags


Having recently updated the ae app labs org website to use SvelteKit, I came across some SEO optimizations that can be done to improve how articles are previewed on Twitter, Linked In etc.

Year 2021 in Review


This year has flown past especially towards the latter stages of the year, as I had plans to take a Cloud Certification before the year is up. Whether it is the busy schedule or procrastinating with the learning until the exam is scheduled, I can’t tell to be certain.

Exploring Spring Cloud

Last year I had learnt Spring Cloud and the various components in it, and also had some written notes. So this year, when I came across them I decided to persist it in digital form.

Being a Java developer and having used Spring frameowrk and Spring Boot for most of my enterprise projects, it was vey easy to be work with Spring Cloud for microservices. Spring Cloud provides tools to quickly build some of the common patterns in distributed systems.

CryptX Web Version


I’ve long been interested in Digital Securtiy and Cryptography, but the math seemed to be above my level of comprehension.

Very recently I revisited one of my very earlier projects and decided to start making a web version of it.