A photo of a computer screen showing the dashboard of an application.

UX in Movies Part 1

Part 1 of a series exploring the effective use of UX interfaces in Movies, mainly Dashboards.
Posing for a photo at the OTF studio in Whitby with coach Liam

Year 2023 in Review

It's that time of the year for the year in review.
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Have you ever wondered how technology interfaces in movies manage to captivate and guide us, regardless of our tech knowledge? I have had this idea for many number of years about combining two of my interests - movies and UX.

Updating Android Apps

I had been procrastinating with the update of my Android apps that were published to the Play Store for a few years now. It finally caught up to me as Google Play gave me a deadline of Aug 31, 2023 to update them to target the latest Android API version or be delisted from the store.
An image with a mobile phone displaying the landing page of an app and other assets.
A quick look into how we can count the number of messages (sms/text) on an Android device. As well as an Android app that I published to the Play Store.
An screenshot of webpage showing concentric arcs and circles on them.


In this blog post, I note down an interesting usage of Canvas API. I had tried to build something with it earlier but I needed more guidance and definetly some inspiration.