An AI generated image of Tuxedo birthday cake with knife on purple background.

AI Image Generation

Adobe recently unveiled a suite of AI Image generation tools under the name Firefly. I got access to Beta test this product and thought of writing down some notes as I had done in recently.
AI generated image of computer monitors showing web pages like screens
A comparison of modern front end frameworks created with the help of AI Tools. (Mostly Chat GPT).
AI generated image of a renaissance city
Assassin's Creed 2 Review - The Classic Game That Improved on the Original, a review generated with the help of AI tools.
Christmas decorations and lightings at Town of Whitby Municipal Building

Year 2022 in Review

An AI generated image of pancakes with maple syrup on a brown background

Although advanced experiments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been around for a long time, for the common people it was usually portayed in a futuristic science fiction movies. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri etc. that are able to understand natural language queries have been helping us for some time.

A bluish mesh gradient

When the org website for ae app labs was redesigned and upgraded to use SvelteKit, I added an animated background for the hero section. I had that idea for a long time and wanted to change the boring and simple background from the last redesign.