Published Nov 30, 2023

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As a UX design enthusiast, I always take detailed notice of User Interfaces and Technology User Experiences that are depicted in movies that I watch.

For movies targeted to general audience, the interfaces shown need to be accessible and not confuse the viewers. If the plot requires it, characters in the movies tend to explain some of the nuances of the interface to help them along.

Usually in films released 10 or 20 years ago, each key press on a terminal or keyboard would be accompanied by an audible tone. User interfaces were very simplified; often having only a couple of large text boxes and a button in a login screen. Even password fields are not masked with *, letting the viewer see what the character has typed out.

In this series, we will analyze how these interfaces are designed to be understandable to a diverse audience, regardless of their technical background.

Sci-Fi movies do take the complexity to another level as they assume the target audience may be able to understand complex screens, but if you look closely are usually garbage or random text for the most part. We will take a few examples of that as well.

As a summary, we will take a look at design principles, look at some movie interfaces, and explore insights on how to create effective movie UI/UX.

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