Published Jun 24, 2024

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A creative re-enactment of a real life incident that happened back in 2009 when I was attending a training with my colleagues. Since I am not creative enough to retell it in such a way to convey it across, it was natural to get some help, er.. all the help.
Once upon a time in the whimsical town of Nonsenseville, there lived two best friends, Tina and Maya. Every morning, they would meet at the cozy little café, Breakfast Bliss, to share a hearty meal and exchange their latest gossip.

One sunny Tuesday morning, Tina arrived at the café and found their favorite table by the window. She ordered her usual — a stack of blueberry pancakes with extra syrup — and waited for Maya. Minutes turned into half an hour, but Maya was nowhere in sight. Tina glanced at her watch, tapped her foot impatiently, and finally decided to call her.

“Hello?” came Maya’s sleepy voice on the other end of the line.

“Maya! Where are you? Breakfast isn’t the same without you!” Tina exclaimed.

There was a moment of silence, followed by a groggy reply, “I got a plate.”

Tina furrowed her brow, utterly baffled. “A plate? What do you mean, you got a plate? We’re supposed to be eating breakfast together, not collecting dishware!”

Maya sighed, the fog of sleep still clouding her mind. “No, no, Tina. I got a plate.”

Tina scratched her head, her confusion growing. “Why on earth are you talking about plates? Did you decide to start a new collection or something?”

Maya finally started to wake up and realized the mix-up. She chuckled softly, “Oh, Tina, no! I meant, I got up late!”

Tina burst into laughter, the absurdity of the situation finally hitting her. “You got a plate! Oh, Maya, that’s hilarious! I thought you were at some secret dish convention or something!”

Maya, now fully awake and giggling, promised to be at the café in a jiffy. When she finally arrived, the two friends couldn’t stop laughing about the misunderstanding. They joked about how Maya’s “plate” had caused such confusion and decided to nickname her “The Plate Collector.”

From that day on, “I got a plate” became their inside joke. Whenever one of them was running late, they’d say, “Sorry, I got a plate!” It always brought a smile to their faces and a chuckle to their hearts.

And so, in the town of Nonsenseville, the legend of Maya, the Plate Collector, was born. Tina and Maya’s friendship grew even stronger, bound by their shared laughter and the simple joy of a misunderstood breakfast excuse. They lived happily ever after, collecting memories instead of plates.