Midhun Harikumar

Midhun Harikumar

Full Stack Developer

I am a software developer based out of Toronto, ON, with more than 12 years of professional experience in UI/UX design and all aspects of software development.

I work on a few open source projects and learn new technologies in my free time.

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Java Kotlin Spring Framework Git Android JavaScript NodeJS ExpressJS Svelte React Vue.JS Web Services REST Api Micro Services Adobe XD Bulma Jira Confluence Firebase Google Cloud Oracle Sybase MongoDB

UI/UX Design

I have always been interested in User Interfaces and how they can be used to create great user experiences.

Web & Mobile

Well experienced in Native Android development and modern web technologies like Spring Boot, NodeJS, React, Svelte.

Software Development

I am an Engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have strong programming skills with Java, Kotlin and Javascipt, with foundation in C and C++.

Blog Posts

31 Dec 2021

Year 2021 in Review

This year has flown past especially towards the latter stages of the year, as I had plans to take a...

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19 Dec 2021

Spring Cloud

Last year I had learnt Spring Cloud and the various components in it, and also had some written notes. So...

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23 Nov 2021

CryptX Web

I’ve long been interested in Digital Securtiy and Cryptography, but the math seemed to be above my level of comprehension....

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