Year 2020 in Review


2020 was looked upon as the start of a new decade and we were all looking forward to a great and prosperous year. However it has been more of a reset.

It has given us a chance to pause the rush, evaluate life and our priorities. We have to stand together, think and care for everyone.

Tenet Timeline

A look into Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi film - Tenet.

Designing an app with Adobe XD

I used to be a big fan of the design software Fireworks formerly from Macromedia, and later Adobe after Macromedia got aquired.

Android Messages Codenames, Part 3

An always upto date list of codenames for the Android Messages app.

ReactJS Book Store application

I want to note down how I created a simple ReactJS app in two nights time, from scratch to deploying on the cloud.

Add custom filter to RecyclerView


One of the most requested enhancements for the Random Contact App is for a way to filter contacts with the custom contact picker that is used in it. Since it seemed like a good reusable component, I added the module named MultiContactPicker along with the rearchitecture of my Andorid library project lib-aeApps.

Lets see how to add a filter for a RecyclerView in an Android app.