Creating Technical Tutorials


Creating technical and design tutorials has been one of the things that I have been interested in for a long time. It is a method to document my learning as well as to share my perspective and understanding.

While I mostly note these down on my blog once in a while, it was more difficult to publish them online way back in 2006.

Traffic Lights


I was thinking of the possibility to capture a traffic light with all the lights illuminated on it for a long time.

A Tale of Two Web Projects


Although I have been maintaing my blog on Github Pages, powered by Jekyll since 2015, it was just recently that I finally bought a domain name for my own.

Random Contact 4.0

An update to the Android app Random Contact had been in the plans for a couple of years now.

Year 2020 in Review


2020 was looked upon as the start of a new decade and we were all looking forward to a great and prosperous year. However it has been more of a reset.

It has given us a chance to pause the rush, evaluate life and our priorities. We have to stand together, think and care for everyone.

Tenet Timeline

A look into Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi film - Tenet.