Message Counter 4.0

September marks a Major milestone for a hobby Android app. What started as a proof of concept back in 2013 has now reached Version 4 and close to a total of 1,00,000 downloads.

Android Messages Codenames, Part 1

The latest release of Android Messages app from Google had just hit the playstore featuring Material Theme. I was able to trace back the internal codenames of the app.

Message Counter Icon Evolution

With Version 4.0 of Message Counter around the corner, lets take a look at the history of the icons for the app.

Observe Content Provider in Android

Message Counter was using a background service to start an SMS Content Observer. While upgrading the app to target the latest Android API, it appeared that the service was killed after around 1 minute of the application went to the background.

This proved challenging for the app’s functionality until further research led to…


Ever since Google made Kotlin the official language of Android, I had tried to look at it. As usual I tried it out as part of RandomContact app and just used a few simple features and found it to be consice and powerful. So when I wanted to rewrie MessageCounter app to make use of Android Architecture Components, I decided to jump all in and rewrite the entire app in Kotlin. Below are few snippets that I came across and liked a lot.

Microsoft + Github

Microsoft + Github

All of a sudden there was this announcement from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. I have been a member of Github since 2012 and have most of my Open Source projects as well as this blog hosted there. My first thought was “there goes my cloud repo”.