Year 2018 in Review

As my old colleague felt the usual title for this post “Bye Bye {Year}” to be a bit negative, I have changed it to “Year in Review”, which is what this post ultimately about.

This is a followup post to my earlier post which listed the internal codenames that were used by the official Android Messages app. It ended with them coming to the end of the Alphabetic order with “Zither” and another update with “Nose Flute”.

A new version has now been released!

Announcing libAeApps Version 4

Just after the hard work on Message Counter was completed and the app was released to the public, I have taken up another major app rewriting task. This time it’s LibAeApps.

September marks a Major milestone for a hobby Android app. What started as a proof of concept back in 2013 has now reached Version 4 and close to a total of 1,00,000 downloads.

The latest release of Android Messages app from Google had just hit the playstore featuring Material Theme. I was able to trace back the internal codenames of the app.