For no reason, I was reminded of a simple code snippet to swap (interchange) two numbers that I had discovered in my early programming days. I may have used it once or twice in my 10 years of being a professional software developer.

Swapping two numbers is a common use case when working with some algorithms and the like.

Replaying a video game from long time back, and make some notes.
Solving an error when using a Toast from within a Fragment

To simplify a process, I had to quickly build a utility app to create report based on status from a large number of emails on a daily basis.

I had always planned to refactor the single Java source file into a proper design when I found some free time. That’s how I got to implement my version of the Pipeline Design Pattern.

Year 2018 in Review

Year 2018 in Review

As my old colleague felt the usual title for this post “Bye Bye {Year}” to be a bit negative, I have changed it to “Year in Review”, which is what this post ultimately about.