Year 2017 in Review

Here are the highlights from 2017. The highlight of the year so far has to be Google Developer Days 2017 at Bangalore. It was an awesome experience.

Other key highlights from 2017 are.



I think it’s everyone’s childhood dream to be able to fly like the birds one day. They we grow up :).

In our current busy lives, people have no time to look or protect the nature that is around us.

The Robert Langdon Template

I was excited to read the newest Robert Langdon book Origin expecting a fresh adventure after the good Inferno. Unfortunately it felt a complete waste of time and money when I was done. It got me thinking about the story structure that is common to all Robert Langdon novels.

I was fortunate to get an invitation to attend the first ever Google Developer Days event in India. We need to register on the google Developers site.I was surprised and excited when I received an email confirming my participation. Travel plans and stay arrangements were made and the long wait to Dec started.

Travis Android Build Failure

The last release for Trip O Meter was in July. Last week, I was modifying some other configuration in the project, and all of a sudden the Trip O Meter Travis Builds started failing. I had setup the CI builds for every check in with the latest release Fig and Camelot.

Fig and Camelot

Fig & Camelot

Fig and Camelot are release code names for below Projects. This is the first time, we are having multiple releases in the same month. Detailed change logs and release information are available in the respective GitHub repos.