Published Jan 26, 2017

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Hello dear reader. I welcome 2017 with a new Android app announcement.

Trip O Meter

Trip O Meter started out as a simple idea to know how much fuel would be needed when making a trip. I just wanted to make sure there was sufficient amount of fuel while planning.


As with most software projects, we are following development codenames for each version. The theme for Trip O Meter’s code names are Lost Cities in alphabetical order. These are some cities which are mythical or real and were lost at some point in time. A few of them have since been rediscovered.

The first version is codenamed Atlantis.


I am collaborating with another open source developer to bring real time fuel prices to the app. First phase would be for each state in India. While the web APIs are getting ready, the focus for the app is now on…

Trip Expenses

When going for a trip with friends, there is bound to be a calculation of each person’s expense share. This was a problem faced by me and my friends couple of times. The next update should make it easier for calculating individual share amounts.

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