I think it’s everyone’s childhood dream to be able to fly like the birds one day. They we grow up :).

In our current busy lives, people have no time to look or protect the nature that is around us.

Ever since getting my First DSLR, I have been following birds around us. It is astonishing that we have such variety of birds around us. I never noticed the “Greater Racket Tailed Drongo” or the common “Red Whiskered Bulbul” etc. until now.

I started exclusively looking for birds to photograph as it is a good challenge once I had mastered the basics of Photography. Birding requires a lot of patience, soft movement and a lot of luck. Birds in Flight are the most difficult, but extremely satisfying when you get a good shot.

Here is a glimpse of the many birds that I have been able to spot. Birds of Kerala

Identifying birds and studying their behavior and diet is rewarding. Some birds are very friendly to humans and let us reach closer without flying away. The Green Bee-Eater featured at the top of this post literally ignored me as it was hunting breakfast.

I have visited a couple of Bird Sanctuaries without much luck, and have plans to visit a few more.

Further photos