Published Jul 17, 2017

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Fig & Camelot

Fig and Camelot are release code names for below Projects. This is the first time, we are having multiple releases in the same month. Detailed change logs and release information are available in the respective GitHub repos.

AeAppsLib (Fig Release)

Another fruity flavored release for AeAppsLib which doesn’t include any new features but includes the below updates

CI Support

Enables Continuous Integration support setup via Travis.

Distribution via jcenter

It also represents the availability of the project in jcenter. Rather than checking out the library and adding it as a project dependency, going forward we could just import as a Gradle dependency like many other android libraries.

Trip O Meter (Camelot Release)

Continuing with the tradition of naming each release after a Lost or mythical city, Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.

Enhancements to Trip Expenses

Balanjar was a major release and involved lot of changes in a short period of time in order to release the Trip Expenses feature. This release looks at enhancements to UI as well as minor features that did not make the initial release. This includes Empty view for lists, Option to edit trip name, general UI and Performance improvements. A FAB placement issue was also resolved after many hours of trying to fix it.

CI Support

Added CI Support via Travis.


Couple of new features are planned, as well as more enhancements to Trip O Meter are in the pipeline. We would be concentrating on the next releases for Message Counter now.