Published Aug 23, 2017

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Travis Android Build Failure

The last release for Trip O Meter was in July. Last week, I was modifying some other configuration in the project, and all of a sudden the Trip O Meter Travis Builds started failing. I had setup the CI builds for every check in with the latest release Fig and Camelot.

The error stated that there were no android images found although I did not make any changes to the travis configuration file.

Error: Target id is not valid. Use ‘android list targets’ to get the target ids.

Lot of head banging, multiple check-ins, and a couple of branches created for isolating this issue all failed.

I did a Rebuild of the latest release tag and that was passing. So I created a branch from that tag, but the branch was still failing.

It was then that I just compared the “Job Configuration” for both the above builds (The tag as well as the new branch based on the tag). The only difference was the tag which is working had "dist": "precise", but the failing branch had "dist": "trusty". All other configuration was same.

Job View

After a few Google searches, it came to my attention that from July 18th onwards the default distribution to run builds was made as “trusty”. And apparently, trusty does not support Android SDKs by default.

I currently solved this problem by updating the config file to use precise as shown below.

language: android
dist: precise
jdk: oraclejdk8

Once the Android SDKs are available in trusty, or when workarounds to install the SDK and tools onto trusty are available, the Builds would be switched to trusty.


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