Published Jul 12, 2021

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Creating technical and design tutorials has been one of the things that I have been interested in for a long time. It is a method to document my learning as well as to share my perspective and understanding.

While I mostly note these down on my blog once in a while, it was more difficult to publish them online way back in 2006.

Mhkonline2 tutorials

My first attempt at tutorials was hosted on my website over on GeoCities. This was back in 2006-2009 before GeoCities was shutdown. Tutorials in article form are good when they are short and simple. First Tutorials website I still remember having to upload each and every single file over dial up connection. These tutorials were mostly very basic ones, but still a start.

Video Tutorials

Having used video tutorials to increase my knowledge in many areas, I always thought it as an excellent medium to learn things compared to going over long articles.

So I decided to try my hand and create a few tutorials and host them on my Youtube channel. Little did I know the amount of preparation, time management, hard work and editing that is involved for this.

Especially doing this for the first time with very little hands on knowledge on video editing and related things. I would literally have to spend an entire evening to create a 15 minute video. I have been able to do around 7 videos on UI Design, Web Development and Android basics so far.

Hoping these would be useful to someone in some form.

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