Published Aug 27, 2020

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This is another follow-up to my earlier posts in this series, which lists the codenames used by the Android Messags app, after Musical Instruments and characters from Dungeons and Dragons.

With the Android team discontinuing the highly awaited “dessert codename” of each major release, this seems like a good detour!

This post will likely be updated with this series of codenames, which look like types of trees or shrubs.
There are a few fictional characters with connections to “trees”

Version   Codename
6.4 Acacia
6.5 Banyan
6.6 Cypress
6.7 Deku
6.8 Ent
6.9 Fir
7.0 Groot
7.1 Hickory
7.2 Isu
7.3 Juniper
7.4 Katsura
7.5 Lotus
7.6 Maple
7.7 Neem
7.8 Oak
7.9 Pine
8.0 Quiver
8.1 Rowan
8.2 Sequoia
8.3 Teak
8.4 Upas
8.5 Vitex
8.7 Xylosma
8.8 Yggdrasil
8.9 Zelkova
9.0 Nose Flute Tree

Check back often to see an update.