Published Dec 31, 2020

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2020 was looked upon as the start of a new decade and we were all looking forward to a great and prosperous year. However it has been more of a reset.

It has given us a chance to pause the rush, evaluate life and our priorities. We have to stand together, think and care for everyone.

Here is my 2020 in summary.

  • Started the year with some research into understanding String theory
  • Finally bought myself my very own laptop
  • Finally learned SASS and started using Adobe XD for all my design works
  • Updated my bio page to a proper version
  • Created some full stack applications with React and NodeJS
  • Developed a C19 Counter Android App which was suspended by Google Play
  • The lack of commute for work or anything resulted in my lower Podcast listening, but increased the number of movies and series that I was able to consume
  • Revisited Assassin’s Creed and a few other old games
  • Changed my job after a glorious 7 and half years at my previous employer