Published Dec 3, 2020

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Chris Nolan’s Tenet was one of the most awaited and anticipated movies of the year 2020.
After it got delayed from it’s original Summer release due to the global situation, people all over the world are getting their options to watch it finally.

As with most other of Nolan’s works, Tenet is highly non linear and may require more than one watch to understand and appreciate fully.

I made some notes while watching it, which is how I understand the timeline of events in the movie and thought I would share it.

SPOILERS beyond this point

These events are purely from my observations and may not be accurate.

Tenet Timeline

Each event in a green box has the location and major event that occured there. A downward arrow indicates normal time, whereas an upward arrow indicates movement in inverted time. The yellow boxes indicate an estimated time span from the conversations of the main characters.

Use the comments section to share your interpretations or corrections.