Published Dec 31, 2021

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This year has flown past especially towards the latter stages of the year, as I had plans to take a Cloud Certification before the year is up. Whether it is the busy schedule or procrastinating with the learning until the exam is scheduled, I can’t tell to be certain.

Here is my 2021 in summary.

  • The major update is that I finally bought a domain name for myself for this blog and other projects.
  • It also involved some updates to the blog itself.
  • The year actually started with the redesign and rewriting of the Random Contact Android app
  • With that done, I have moved out of the Android ecosystem for now and using my iPhone as a daily driver.
  • This was the year that I finally found some time to create some technical tutorials in video form.
  • And finally I was able to create a Web version of CryptX in less than a day using Svelete and Bulma.