Published Sep 1, 2018

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With Version 4.0 of Message Counter around the corner, lets take a look at the history of the icons for the app.

The general idea for the app’s icon is a “Message” icon along with a “Counter”. It has undergone some redesign throughout the various versions.

It all started out with a plain blue message icon with the answer to life, the universe and everything in a circle at the top.

This icon didn’t have a balance and with the next release, it was modified into a 3D icon.

app icon Version 3.0 was a major redesign for the app, and the color scheme of the app changed to Teal and Orange. The next update tweaked the icon following Material Design principles and have a the text white color to brighten it up as well as some round corners.

app icon A complete redesign and inverse colors were used when designing the latest app icon. The icon is inspired by the latest icons in android. This was designed with support for different style background for the icon based on the launcher as per the latest android specs.