Published Oct 26, 2018

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This is a followup post to my earlier post which listed the internal codenames that were used by the official Android Messages app. It ended with them coming to the end of the Alphabetic order with “Zither” and another update with “Nose Flute”.

A new version has now been released!

It looks like monsters from the world of Dungeons and Dragons. We will be able to confirm with upcoming versions.

Version Codename
3.7 Axebeak
3.8 Basilisk
3.9 Chimera
4.0 Dragon
4.1 Ettin
4.2 Fairie
4.3 Griffin
4.4 Hydra
4.6 Imp
4.7 Kraken
4.8 Lizard
5.0 Nixie
5.2 Pegasus
5.3 Quasit
5.4 Roper
5.7 Unicorn
5.8 Vampire
5.9 Wyvern
6.0 Xorn
6.1 Yeti
6.2 Zombie

I will probably keep updating this table with each new release of the said app.

Edit 14-Dec-2018 Added code name Basilisk, unfortunately it appears in both D&D as well as WoW universes.

Edit 17-Dec-2018 With version 3.9, we came to know the latest codename being “Chimera”. Although similar characters are present in both “Dungeons and Dragons” as well as “World of Warcraft”, the one in WOW looks to be spelled differently - “Chimaera”.

I would suggest the next codename to be “Darkmantle” or “Dire Wolf”.

Edit 25-Feb-2019 More than 2 months after their last update, version 4.0 has appeared with codename Dragon. That looks very generic compared to my prediction from the last time.

Edit 20-Apr-2019 Updated with codenmame for version 4.1
Edit 07-May-2019 Updated with codenmame for version 4.2
Edit 15-May-2019 Updated with codenmame for version 4.3
Edit 20-Jun-2019 Updated with codenmame for version 4.4
Edit 20-Aug-2019 Updated for 4.5 and 4.5
Edit 24-Sep-2019 Updated for 4.8
Edit 27-May-2020 Updated for multiple versions