Published Aug 15, 2016

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Watching football, like most other sport, is extra fun if you are with like minded kith or kin. So I decided to capture an experience of some friends watching a football match live. But the problem was to find some enthusiastic people on a short notice. The outcome after some improvisation is the image above.

In this blog post, I shall try to share the methods used to achieve this image. Matchday


  1. A Story.
  2. A Digital Camera, preferably on a tripod or stable surface.
  3. An image editing software that supports layers.

Once you are ready with the story the final image is going to tell, it’s time to set up the camera and the scene which you are going to shoot.

Make a note of the of each character will be positioned and get ready with timer / camera handler. Repeat the steps of taking a photo at each position.

Once enough shots are taken and you are satisfied with the outcome, its time to combine these images. It is important to use an image editor that supports layers.


Basically you would stack all the images on top of one another and start erasing some parts of the top image to reveal the character on the image below.

You might have to do some adjustments here and there, then you can export the final image and share!

Higher quality version at