Published Dec 30, 2015

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After learning about Jekyll, it was an aim to setup and start writing blog posts using Jekyll at the start of the year. Unfortunately, it is only at the end of the year that I am finally able to publish this post using a text editor and command prompt. This is a start, and now about that “exercise” that I promised to take up.

In 2015 apart from work, I spent most of my free time with my young son. It is very fascinating to see him learn new things and you sense your priorities have changed after becoming a parent. I had to find time for watching movies, read books, watch football and time to update my apps while learning new things. Below are a snapshot of some main things I got done in 2015.

  • Include Material design in some apps
  • Add Donate Option in MessageCounter (Someone is yet to donate)
  • Complete reading “Cryptonomicon
  • Revisit RandomContact app after people are actually downloading it

Heres to hoping next year to be more interesting, fun and worthwhile!