I was fortunate to get an invitation to attend the first ever Google Developer Days event in India. We need to register on the google Developers site.I was surprised and excited when I received an email confirming my participation. Travel plans and stay arrangements were made and the long wait to Dec started.

Travis Android Build Failure

The last release for Trip O Meter was in July. Last week, I was modifying some other configuration in the project, and all of a sudden the Trip O Meter Travis Builds started failing. I had setup the CI builds for every check in with the latest release Fig and Camelot.

Fig and Camelot

Fig & Camelot

Fig and Camelot are release code names for below Projects. This is the first time, we are having multiple releases in the same month. Detailed change logs and release information are available in the respective GitHub repos.

Trip O Meter 2

A huge update for Trip O Meter was completed last month. A quick glance over the change log as follows.

  • Added “Trip Expenses” feature
  • More than 180 change sets committed
  • More than 70 files created or modified
  • Supports Permission checks for Marshmallow and Up
  • Refreshed UI

By the sheer volume of change, this has been the biggest app update I have worked on. “Trip Expenses” allows you to manage your expenses while on a trip. Setup a trip and add your expenses, and the app would calculate the share for each person.

The latest version of Trip O Meter is available on the Google Play Store now.

Message Counter 3.2

We have released the latest version of Message Counter developed with codename Unicorn this week.

sudo apt-get autoremove

While learning some commands on Ubuntu Terminal, I came across one called apt-get autoremove. This was actually suggested by the terminal when I was playing around with apt-get.

Whenever an application is installed using apt-get, the system will also install dependend software. It is common in Ubuntu/Linux that applications share the same libraries. But when you you remove an appplication, the dependency will not be removed as it may be used by another application.

When we run sudo apt-get autoremove, it will remove the dependencies that were installed with applications and that are no longer used by anything else on the system.

I was able to save around 1 GB of disk space when I ran this command. How much space could you save?