Splash Screen

From my research, there are multiple ways to create a Splash Screen ranging from new Activity for splash which is displayed for a fixed time to the simple approach detailed below.
Trip O Meter started out as a simple idea to know how much fuel would be needed when making a trip. I just wanted to make sure there was sufficient amount of fuel while planning.

Year 2016 in Review

Whoa, A year went by so fast. I still remember setting up this blog and writing the Bye Bye 2015 post, which seem a few months back.

Here are the highlights from 2016.

  • Migrated few Android apps to Android Studio
  • Won a Quarterly award at work
  • Reading the third book by Robert Galbraith - Career of Evil
  • Finally bought a DSLR
  • Took some technical courses and now I know a little bit more Javascript, Java 8 and Bootstrap thanks to Pluralsight
  • Went for a Pondichery Trip as well as few short trips

Nothing major to note from music scene, but watched a few movies.

It seems that I have blogged lesser than I had hoped this past year. Need to blog more often. Some long travel trips also need to be made.

First DSLR

I finally made transition from a Point & Shoot camera to a DSLR. It was made possible with the Canon 700D and 18-55 and 55-250 lenses.


Watching football, like most other sport, is extra fun if you are with like minded kith or kin. So I decided to capture an experience of some friends watching a football match live. But the problem was to find some enthusiastic people on a short notice. The outcome after some improvisation is the image above.

In this blog post, I shall try to share the methods used to achieve this image.

I did further research into Lambda expressions in Java 8 after my last article. It was then that I came to know about “Functional Interfaces”. Understanding the basics is the key to learning Lambda expressions in Java 8.